HCM-3D: The Stereoscopic Section
The HCM goes 3D !!!

No Details - just show me the pictures.
What's it all about?
One of the worst drawbacks of the photos you find on the HCM web-pages is the lack of a real 3D-View (although the perspective of the pictures and the shadow gives a faint idea of the missing third dimension). After some weeks of testing different ways of taking 3D-Pictures, scanning the images and finding appropriate viewing devices finally most of the problems are solved! So here are the first results - this is the first time you can see Home-Computer in true 3D on the internet :-)).

What do you need?
The Hardware-Side:
a LCD-Shutter glass like: H3D, Eye3D or (with some restrictions) ELSA Relevator
OR a Red/Green or Red/Blue (cardboard) 3D glass (you find these sometimes in 3D books or can buy it at the optician)
OR a nothing but a special viewing technique (see below)

The Software-Side:
As all the 3D files are stored in the common JPS-Format you only need a 3D viewer that supports your hardware. Here are some recommondations:
VREX DepthCharge
This is a free Web-Browser Plugin (RECOMMENDED) that supports Red/Green, Red/Blue Anaglyphes and special viewing techniques. Works very well with H3D and Eye3D but NOT with the ELSA Relevator. The VREX supports full-screen viewing (even with Windows NT). You can download the free VREX-Plugin from their official Homepage [here] or directly [here] (1.6MB)

Technical background:
The technical background for Stereo-3D viewing:
Viewing and creating 3D pictures is still a quite tricky business. I can't sum up all the details on this topics so here are the most important links:
The best site for any Stereoscopic Questions (Hardware, Software, Technical) by Christoph Bungert. It has a good discussion board and some VERY GOOD articles about 3D Topics. I very much recommend reading "3D Image-Formats and Graphics-Modes" if you want to know some details. There is also a quite good overview article "All at once - Stereo-3D in a Nutshell". Do not get discouraged by the confusing menue :))
Elsa Relevator User:
Poor guys - you can't use VREX DepthCharge but MUST use the very limited ELSA viewer (it can only display in 800x640 and 256 color) To convert the JPS-Images to the proprietary ELSA BMP format use the "Combine Revelator Image Converter" by Richard Scullion. (BTW: interlaced images are by far better converted to ELSA-Format - so if you find a way to convert JPS to inerlaced do this first.
You can also use WinAmp with your 3D glasses :-) look [here]

First examples
To see some 3D picture click [here]. You will need to download the VXREX-Plugin first.