HCM: The Exhibition ...
Here are some pictures of the non-virtual HCM.
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This is the "first floor" of the Home-Computer Museum. The picture shows the great IVAR shelf from Ikea with some of the most interesting items of the HCM.
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Welcome to the "second floor" of the HCM. In front you see the "manuals and books storage area".
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Here you can see the "technical maintenance and support center" of the HCM. In the rear area of the picture there is the InHouseNet Server. As the HCM is located in Germany where internet-connections and telecommunication costs are extremly high the web server for "www.homecomputer.de" is NOT located on this server - too bad ...
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On the right hand you can see the "HCM lab". All the machines on the lower shelf are in complete working condition and are ready for use. Right now there is a LISA with Office/7, Mac-XL, Apple IIGS, Mac IICI (connected to the InHouseNet), Atari Mega STE-4, C64-SX and a Philips NMS 8280.
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You are now entering the rear part of the HCM. This secion is mainly for storage of the bulky but nice "boxed" stuff. On this shelf you can see unusual stuff like the Commodore C900 (1. shelf, rear tower, lowermost machine), Gradiente Expert (MSX2 machine from Brazil, 1. shelf, front tower, second topmost machine) and a Sharp MZ-2500 (from Japan, looks like a Tape Deck, 1. shelf, front tower, lowermost machine)
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This is still the rear part of the HCM on the "second floor". On the left side of the picture you can see the "MSX-Section" - Straight ahead there is the "floppy section". If you want to have a closer look at the "MSX-Drawers" see below.
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Open the Drawers
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Open the Drawers