These are some frequently asked questions:
[May I use HCM pictures on my web page?]
[Can I make a donation to the HCM?]
[May I use HCM pictures for commercial purposes?]
[How do I refer to the HCM?]
[How do I refer to special HCM pages?]
[What items fit into the HCM?]
[Do you sell any items?]
[Do you only want items from the "want list"?]
[Do you buy any items?]
[How do you take the HCM pictures?]
[Why do you use frames, JavaScript and cookies?]
[Why are the HCM pages in english only?]
[Where is the HCM located?]
[Is there a public HCM exhibition?]
May I use HCM pictures on my web page?
All images on this web-page (except the images from the want-list) are photos taken by me and thus are my intellectual property. You can use the images (e.g. on your web page) if you observe these rules:
  • Do not modify the pictures!
    e.g. remove the HCM-Banner or the background. It was a lot of work to take the pictures, scan and color-correct them. I decided NOT to cripple the pictures with a heavy modification like a logo on top of the machine - so please respect the HCM-Banner as a decent HCM-Public Relation.
  • "Be gracious and link back to the HCM -- http://www.HomeComputer.de/ -- at a minimum." [CK]
  • "Please don't pass the image off as your own. It isn't." [CK]
  • Use it for non-commercial purpose only!
I would very much appreciate your [telling me] if you used my pictures!

Can I make a donation to the HCM?
Of course! Donations are very much appreciated. What kind of donation do you think of?
  • money: The most flexible form of donation - it will be used to purchase new HCM computers. The simplest way to donate money is via PayPal. Please use this link for you donation:
  • items: A new computer for the HCM is certainly a very nice donation! But please note that not every item fits into the HCM collection. Have a look at "What items fit into the HCM?" to see if your computer fits into the collection and drop me a note. Usualy the HCM offers to cover all shipping and handling costs so that the donator does not have to pay for his donation. The HCM is always looking for duplicate items (to enhance the collection or for trade) - so don't hesitate to offer a computer that is already part of the HCM collection!

  • other: I am thinking of two other donation forms: "time" and "project money". "time" means that you offer your time to work on a certain HCM-related project I am not going to do myself (e.g. about 250 pictures of accesories need to be reworked). "project money" means that there is a certain machine that will be aquired for the HCM as soon as the fund is raised. (e.g. buying a "20th anniversary Apple Macintosh"). These ideas are not yet completed but if you are interested in any of these "donations" just let me know.

May I use HCM Pictures for commercial purposes?
All images on this web-page (except the images from the want-list) are photos taken by me and thus are my intellectual property.

You can use the images but you will have to get a commercial license from me and that will cost you some money. For details contact me via email.

The good news is that you can get the pictures in a very high resolution and of course without the HCM-Banner. I have all pictures ready for immediate delivery in 3000x2000 px. Higher resolutions are also possible but take some time.

How do I refer to the HCM?
The correct name of the HCM is: "HCM - The HomeComputer Museum"

If you want to link to the HCM please use this URL: www.HomeComputer.de It would be nice if you noted the capital letters!

If you want to link to the HCM with the HCM-Logo please use one of these Images:
I would very much appreciate your [telling me] if you linked to the HCM!

How do I refer to special HCM-Pages?
If you want to refer to a HCM page there are three ways:
What items fit into the HCM?
That's a difficult question! The HCM is a HOME COMPUTER Museum - so the main focus is on HomeComputer-Style machines. But what is a HomeComputer? Here is how I define it: A Home-Computer
  1. hooks up to a TV (UHF, VHF or SCART) or
  2. has CPU and keyboard in a single case or
  3. has a ROM-based Operating System or progamming language or
  4. has an external power supply or
  5. has a non-typewriter keyboard (e.g. mini-keyboard or rubber keys)
I only collect machines that have at least two matches.
But as usual there are some exceptions from this rule - these are machines I collect but that are certainly no Home-Computer:
  • All Commodore, Atari and Apple computers!
    Thats why I have stuff like Commodore PC-1, Atari ATW800 and some LISA
  • Portables (I may drop these in the future)
Some day I will note these machines as "guests" in my collection inventory.

Usually I do not collect selfmade or heavily modified cases. Machines that are in working condition are preferred but not mandatory! I love boxed stuff! So if you have a machine in its original box I will be very interested.

Do you sell any items?
Some time ago the answer was: "NO! I trade only". As it gets harder to find items that are not part of the HCM-Collection all items on the trade list are for sale! Collection-Items are still NOT for sale!

Do you buy any items?
Yes - sometimes and usually I do not pay very much. If you want to make the most money out of your machine don't waste your time offering it to me - just auction it off at ebay and hope you get more money and take the risks ...

Do you only want items from the "Want-List"?
No! Some of the machines I have are in bad condition so that I might want to upgrade these. Furthermore, I am always looking for trade items - so if you have a nice or unusual machine [tell me]! I love boxed stuff! So if you have a machine in its original box I will be very interested.

How do you take the HCM Pictures?
After a lot of try and error I finally built up this photo studio to take the HCM-pictures:
HCM Photo-Studio
HCM Photo-Studio
Hardware/Software used for the HCM-pictures:
  • Canon EOS-50
  • Canon USM 28-105 lens
  • HAMA Blue-Filter
  • 2x 500W Video Light
  • Fuji Sensia II Color Slide
  • Kodak Grey Card
  • Hewlett Packard PhotoSmart S20 USB (Slide Scanner)
  • Agfa SnapScan 310 SCSI (A4 Scanner)
  • Adobe PhotoShop V5.0 (at work)
Since 2004 all HCM Pictures are taken completly digital with this Hardware/Software:
  • Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ-20 (for closeups)
  • Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ-30 (for full-size pictures)
  • selfmade panoramic head for ultra high resolution pictures
  • Pano-Tools and Hugin
  • Adobe PhotoShop V7.0 (at work)

Why do you use frames, JavaScript and cookies?
Because I am lazy!.
Actually it is a lot of work to keep the HCM-Pages up to date so I use any way to make my life easier. Don't be angry because you have to enable javascript, keep in mind that this is a non-commercial advertisement free page that I maintain in my spare time! The HCM pages were tested and work with: IE4, IE5, NS4 and Opera 4.

If you have any problems please [tell me]!

Why are some of the HCM pages in english only?
Because I am lazy!.
There are quite a lot of international visitors - most of them can read english - if you can't YOU have a problem. Well, there is not too much text on this web-site - there should be no problem to understand it.

Where is the HCM located?
In Germany - yes ".DE" means Germany and not Denmark :-)

Is there a public HCM exhibition?
Not yet!