HCM: Overview-Pictures 2003
This page contains some bulk overview
photos of items that hit the HCM collection in 2003.
The items below the pictures are listed from
left to right beginning in the rear part of the picture.
September 2003
[medium (111k)]
[large (611k)]
Atari PC-2, Czerweny CZ 1500 (boxed), Microdigital TK85 (boxed), Czerweny CZ 2000 (boxed), Czerweny CZ Spectrum (boxed), Commodore 64 Web It (boxed), Exelvision Exeltel, Commodore C16, Kļæ½rting Tele-Multiplay 4000 (boxed), Commodore C116, Yamaha YIS503 III, Commodore plus4, Pravetz 8M, Drean Commodore 64 C, Talent DPC-200, Talent TPC-310, Alphatronic PC, Drean Commodore 64, Tandy TRS80 Color (Modell 26-3002), TRS-80 64k Colour Computer 2 (Modell-Nr. 26-3003B), Tandy 64k Colour Computer 2 (Modell-Nr. 26-3127B), Grundy New Brain AD, Czerweny CZ Spectrum, Czerweny CZ1500, Czerweny CZ Spectrum+, Microdigital TK82-C, Microdigital TK83, Pecos Sistemas.