HCM: Overview-Pictures 2005
This page contains some bulk overview
photos of items that hit the HCM collection in 2005.
The items below the pictures are listed from
left to right beginning in the rear part of the picture.
August 2005
[medium (81k)]
[large (955k)]
Mimic Systems Spratan (boxed), al Alamiah AX123 (boxed), Apple IIcx (with Bernoulli-Drive), Orel BK-08 (boxed), al Alamiah AX350 II, Gradiente Expert DD plus, Homelab-4 Brailab, Microkey Primo B64.

March 2005
[medium (93k)]
[large (1085k)]
Thomson MO5 Platini (bag), Commodore C16, Tandy TRS80 Modell Studial (Modell-Nr. 265-3134A), Amiga 500 (Tiger Design), Hector I HRX, Thomson MO5 (rubber keys), Amiga 500 (Tiger Design), Thomson Leanord MO5NR, Pravetz 8D, Yamaha AX150 (arabic), Atari 65XE (arabic), Enterprise 128 (arabic), Universum CompuMate (duplicate Photo), Byte, Sinclair ZX-81.