HCM: Overview-Pictures 2006
This page contains some bulk overview photos of items that hit the HCM collection in 2006. The items below the pictures are listed from left to right beginning in the rear part of the picture.
August 2006
[medium (75k)]
[large (661k)]
  • 8" ITT 2020 Disk-Drive, Apple Clone Mainboard, CBM 8032 Mainboard, VC-20 (boxed)
  • CBM 8050 (Floppy), CBM 3040 (Floppy), CBM 8032, CBM 3032, Blaupunkt PC-33, Robotron EC-1834, Tandy TRS-80
  • Basis 108, Al Alamiha AX-230 (R) red, Al Alamiha AX-330, Fatiah 100, Atari TT (US white ASV-Development), Commodore Amiga 3000, Olivetti M10, Apple III Monitor, Commodore LP2031
  • Apple Lisa (Atari), National CF-1200 (red), Oric Atmos, Sony HitBit HB-75P with Floppy CeTec DPF 5500, Sony HitBit HB-11 (red), Commodore VC-20, Apple Printer
  • Sanyo Wavy 10 MKII, Sony HitBit HB-55 (red)
June 2006
[medium (77k)]
[large (690k)]
  • Sony HB-10 (boxed, grey), Sony HB-11 (boxed, blue), Sinclair ZX-81 (boxed, german), Sord M5 (boxed, japan), Casio MX-10 (boxed, red), Sinclair ZX-Spectrum +3 (boxed), Toshiba Pasopia PA-7010 (box only), Olivetti Prodest PC-128S
  • Prologica CP-500 M80, Sharp MZ-2000, Fujitsu FM Towns II, Toshiba HX-10 (box only), Apple Macintosh Classic, Micronique Hector I 2HR+ (boxed), 2x Thomson MO5
  • Unitron, golden C64 (fake), 2x National CF-3000, Pioneer PX-7 Palcom, CCE MC4000 Exato IIe, Casio PV-7RD (red), Uniton AP-II, Casio MX-10 (boxed, red), Elektronika BK0010 (boxed)
  • Memotech MTX512, Sinclair ZX-81 (special case), Mitsubishi ML-G30, 2x ZX-81 Clone, Leningrad-1, ITCI Microtim Plus
  • Atari 260ST, Prio B, Primo A, Byte (black), Atari 65XR (arabic), 3x Thompson TO7/70
  • Apple II j-plus, Toshiba HX-10D, Casio MX-101, Philips VG-5000, Radiola VG-5000
  • Yeno SC-3000H, Sintez-1, ICE Felix HC-2000, Didaktik M (boxed)
April 2006
[medium (68k)]
[large (680k)]
Apple Macintosh 512k (old), EACA Colour Genie EG2000, Epson PX-7, Philips Videopac G7400, Spectravideo SVI-738, ZX-Sinclair Clone (black pastic), Tandy 1000HX, BBC Master Compact, Apple Macintosh Plus (old), Perfect-1, Byte (red), ZX-Clone (grey pastic), Perfect-2, Sinclair Spectrum +3 (arabic)
February 2006: Items aquired form Dimitri's Collection Sale
  • Yamaha CX5 boxed, Sony HB-F5 boxed, Sony HB-501P boxed, Victor HC-30RD boxed, National FS-4600F, Sanyo PHC-70FD, TDP System-100 (boxed), Mitsubishi ML-TS2H boxed
  • IBM JX, Digitus DGT-1000, Franklin ACE 1200Plus, Widicom, Franklin ACE 1000, Franklin ACE 100
  • Mitsubishi ML-8000 boxed, al Alamiah AX500, Teo Tiger 2000, ICE Felix HC-91 40keys, Pravetz 8A, HomeLab-3, Pravetz 8M, Olimpik, Pravetz 82, Westa IK-31, National FS-4500, CIP-03 (blue), CIP-04, Sharp MZ-1500, Mitsubishi ML-TS2, Mitsubishi ML-TS2H, Sharp X1 CZ-804CR, Sharp X1 CZ-801C
  • Elektronika BK-0010 typewriter, Yamaha YIS503 II, al Alamiah AX200, Pentagon, Microbee 256TC, Casio MX-15, Sanyo MPC-10, Mitsubishi ML-FX2, Kronos Aquarius, Sanyo MPC-64 boxed, Yeno DPC64
  • Takara M5 boxed, Sony HB-20P boxed, ICE Felix HC-85, Yamaha YIS604-128, Yamaha YIS503 III KUVT, Forum BK-05, Casio PV-16BK SPC-MK-III, Toshiba HX-30, Toshiba HX-23F, Daewoo DPC-200 AVT, Elektronika MC-1502
  • Mitsubishsi ML-F120 boxed, National CF-2700 boxed, Apogey BK-01Z, Primo A64 (red), unknown, Microtim+, Microtim+ (early version), Microtim, Victor HC-60, Toshiba HX-21, Yamaha CX5F, Sanyo PHC-33, Sanyo MPC-1 boxed, Sanyo MPC-6
  • unknown, unknown, Sintez-M, Leningrad, Delta-C, Fujitsu FM-NEW7, NEC PC-8001MKII, Victor HC-6, Canon V-25, Sanyo MPC-5
  • Philips VG-8020 (black, boxed), NEC PC-6601, NEC PC-8001, Sony HB-T7, Microworld MicroBee 128k Premium, Sega SC-1000, Sanyo MPC-3, Panasonic FS-A1FM, NEC PC-6001MKII, Victor HC-7, Sanyo PHC-SPC, Mitsubishi Mulit8, Sanyo PHC-30N, Yamaha CX11, Nec PC-6001 boxed, Schneider VG-5000 boxed
  • Ritas Ringo R-470, Australian C64, Sony HB-F9S, Toshiba HX-51, Sony HB-F1 (red), Sanyo PHC-27, Sanyo PHC-30, Sony HB-F1XV, Open University Hektor II, Sony HB-10 red, Pansonic FS-A1 (red), Sony HB-101P, Hitach MB-H2, Hitachi MB-H21 boxed, Nintendo Computer Keybaord boxed
  • Sintez, JET blue, Dubna 48k, Fanny, JET white, Victor HC-80, Toshiba Pasopia PA7010, Mitsubishi ML-F120D, Mitsubishi ML-F110 darkred, al Alamiah AX100, al Alamiah AX230, Sony HB-101
  • Fujitsu FM-X, Hitachi MB-H25, Toshiba Pasopia-7 PA7007, National FS-1300, Lik (typewriter), Kawai KMC-5000, Fujitsu FM-7 boxed, Commodore C64 canadian
January 2006: This is the last picture of the HCM-Showroom in January 2006 before it has to move to another location.