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Prototypes/unconfirmed and odd machines from all over the world.

never produced in large numbers:
confirmed to exist:
Bit 60 (confirmed in US), Zeus 2001 (confirmed in US), Brain Trust Joky Joy (confirmed in HK), VTech VZ-100 (confimred in US)
Prototypes / Vapourware:
confirmed to exist:
Atari 1400XL (confirmed by Curt Vendel), Atari 1450XLD (confirmed by Curt Vendel), Texas Instruments TI99/2 (confirmed), Texas Instruments TI99/8 (confirmed), Dragon Professional (confirmed by Simon Hardy), Dragon Professional (Confirmed by http://www.dragondata.co.uk/), Dragon MSX (Confirmed by http://www.dragondata.co.uk/)
unconfirmed to exist:
EACA Genie V, GEM Family, JE-Computer, Plantron PT-30, Plantron PT-80, Sampo Color Computer, Triton 64, VTech Laser 100, VTech Laser 350, VTech Laser 750
Please let me know if you can definetly confirm the existence of any item!