HCM: History
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01.09.02 HCM > 500
The HCM now has more than 500 different machines in its collecton! Thanks everyone!
12.06.01 HCM = 400
The HCM now has 400 different machines in its collection!
04.09.00 HCM > 300
The HCM now has more than 300 different machines in its collecton!


The HCM is now 4 years old and still growing. Have a look at the anniversary statistic below!
HCM Overview:
HCM Computer: 212  
Pictures of HCM Computer: 162 76%
Machine Infos: 118  
Size (total): 75.3 MB  
HTML-Pages (total): 265  
Pictures (total): 1130  
31.08.99 The HCM now has 200 machines in the collection !!!
Oric Telestrat (Number 200!)
Yamaha YIS-503F (MSX)
Amstrad Notepad Computer NC100
20.08.99 The Machine-Picture area is the first part of the HCM that makes heavy use of Java-Script V1.1 - it is tested with Netscape 4.5, Netscape 4.61, IE 4.01, IE 5.0 and Opera 3.6 - if you have any problems please tell me.
04.05.99 Found some old versions of the HCM pages ...
[1996], [1997], [1998], [1999]
29.04.99 The new Design of the HCM pages is now ready!
27.02.99 A new HCM Logo was designed by "Zotti" - you might want to have a look at his great pages about collecting old toasters. For a little sneak-preview of the logo click here.
29.11.98 Sweden Deal II another great meeting with Rikard - about 10 new computers could be aquired for the HCM. For details click here
17.08.98 The HCM joined the 8 Bit Web Ring run by the "8-Bit-Nirvana".
01.08.98 Another extremley rare item could be added to the HCM: The Atari Panther Prototye. For details click here.
30.07.98 Update of the "Lists"-Page.
20.07.98 The 150. HomeComputer was added to the HCM (Panasonic FS-A1ST).
18.07.98 Inauguration of the non-virtual part of the HomeComputer-Museum - pictures will be available soon.
07.07.98 Finally the HCM got its own WWW-Domain: www.HomeComputer.de Please update your your bookmarks although the old IP-Number will work for some time.
28.05.98 Some Spectravideo SVI-328 with tons of accessories (Floppy, Tape-Recorder, Expansion-Box, Carts, Software) could be located.
18.05.98 A Atari 1200 Prototype from a Atari Lab was added to the collection.
30.04.98 About 100 new pictures where taken - increasing the "ToScan"-Heap again ...
25.02.98 Update of the "WANTED"-Page with some images. For details click here.
24.02.98 The HCM joined the "Computers, Videogames and Arcade Collector's Ring". You can find out more about "the ring" here.
19.01.98 The "LINKS"-Page was updated.
For details click here.
16.01.98 Rikard managed to get a Atari 1090 Expansion Box for the HCM. This item is very rare and only 6 items are known to exist - Thanks again Rikard!!!.
11.10.97 As a result of the "Sweden deal" six new computer were added to the HCM.
For details click here.
12.08.97 Started scanning and photoshopping all the pictures. For a little preview look here.
30.07.97 In a single week about 360 photos of most of the (computer) items of the HCM were taken. Thanks again to "Frog" who did a good job lugging the machines from the cellar to the attic and to Kerstin the "cleaning"-machine.
24.07.97 Found a mysterious little Home-Computer with no lables at a local Flea-Market. Only "Made in HongKong" was printed on the back of the case. Even the Board had no Vendor-Name - the latest chips (NEC Z-80-clone) are from late '84. After powering it on it justs says: "READY". After a long search via the net it turns out that the mystery Computer was a Lambda 8300 [*] (thanks to Alexios Chouchoulas).
23.07.97 The Picture Section [*] of the HCM was updated.
15.07.97 A Atari ST Book could be aquired for the HCM. Until now it could not be tested as the power supply and the battery pack are missing. Can anyone help?
10.07.97 The first version of the Video Games Gallery [*]
was opened to the public.
04.07.97 A Commodore C65 Prototype found its way to the HCM after a long journey.
According to [4] about 50 units of these machines were ever made.
21.05.97 I got the Commodore C900 Prototype as promised from Andre E�er.
06.05.97 starting a major revision of the HCM-Pages:
- new structure of files
- navigation-frame added
- pages adapted to NS4.0 and IE4.0
- "What's new" page started
04.05.97 N.N. offered a rare Commodore C900 Prototype to the HCM. This is an UNIX System with a Zilog Z8000 CPU, it runs Coherent 0.7.3, (about 500 units ever made [3]). I do not have this one yet but I hope to get it by the end of next week - keep my fingers crossed :-)
29.04.97 Peter Katzmann donated (!) one of the rare Atari ATW800 Transputer Workstation (about 450 units ever made) [2] to the HCM. It should be fully functional but is yet untested. Who can send me a image of the boot-disk?
06.03.96 My girlfriend Kerstin was able to get 4 (!) LISA 2 [1] including software and documentation for the HCM after a long hunt. Two of them are fully functional but 2 are somewhat flaky.

Old News:
10.09.05 HCM Update:
  • Fixed the rest of the broken images/links
  • Updated Trade-List [here].
    Attention: the "HCM will trade items only" policy has changed because of too few trades and limited storage capacity.
    So all items on the trade list are for sale!!! (this does concern trade-items only - not collection items). As I don't have prices right now please make an offer for the items you are interested in. The HCM accepts PayPal.
  • Items removed from Want-List [here].
  • Update Overview-Pictures: 2003, 2004, 2005
  • TODO: add new East-European infos
new items:

Panasonic FS-A1F (japan, MSX2)
Sony HB-10 (japan)
Gradiente Expert XP-800 V1.0
Mimic Systems Spartan (boxed) (Thanks again: Stan!)
Microkey Primo B64
Homelab-4 (Brailab)
al Alamiah AX350 II (arabic)
al Alamiah AX123 (boxed, arabic)
Orel BK-08 (boxed)
al Alamiah AX370 (arabic)
Apple II Europlus (arabic)
al Alamiah AH200 (arabic)
Enterprise 128 (arabic)
Atari 65XE (arabic)
Micronique Hector I HRX
Thomson Leanord MO5NR
Tandy TRS80 Color Studial
Byte (Bajt)
Pravetz 8D
Universum CompuMate (Thanks again: Norbert!)
Lobo Max-80

new pictures:

19.11.04 Due to a server change there was a little downtime today. Right now there are a few broken links - hope to fix this during the weekend.
21.09.04 Finally a MAJOR HCM Update!!!. Thanks A LOT to all the people sending infos ...
  • Insider-Infos about the Didaktik Alfa from Martin Petovsky [here].
  • A lot of new infos about the Consul 2717 (Thanks again to Jiri T. Dolezal) [here].
  • Many other corrections/additions on Czechoslovakian Home-Computer from Hynek Med and Rudolf Adamkovic [here].
  • Very informative news about Romanian Home-Computer from Bogdan Bordea [here].
  • Fixes for Microdigital TK-2000, TK-2000 II, TK 3000 //e and TK 3000 //e compact (thanks to Alan Richard and Kleber Bonassi).
  • Updated Trade-List [here].
  • Items removed from Want-List [here].
  • Moved old news to "History" page.
A few new machines:

Tesla Mato (boxed)
Microcraft Craft IIplus
Sharp MZ-80k
Consul 2717
Sony HB-G900D

A lot of new pictures:

28.03.04 Thanks a lot to Jan Ciger who provided many VERY useful information about Czechoslovakian Computers like Didaktik Alfa, Gama, M and Kompakt. Read more at: [East-Europe/Czechoslovakia].
13.03.04 THE HCM IS ALIVE!!! - Anyway not too many new items ...
Nice new picture of SAPI-1 [East-Europe/Czechoslovakia].

Microdigital TK2000 II Color Computer
Sony SMC-70GP
Apple Macintosh IIsi (thanks Heike!)
Commodore C64 (Original Version)

23.11.03 Blaupunkt Apple II
Commodore Amiga 3000T

Some new pictures:

02.10.03 Sinclair-Experts out there ?!?!

US vs Euro Sinclair ZX-80? a Myth?
During the last few days I got two mails pointing out the same issue:
"I have one remark about the zx-80 usa and uk versions. You state that the us version has a shiny keyboard and the uk version keyboard has a mat finish. I have seen this info before on the internet but its not always true. I own a us version and a uk version and they both have a shiny keyboard finish there is no difference. There can be a difference in the make of the white case some zx-80 �s have very thin and brittle casings but there are also versions with made from a different plastic and much thicker material (I know I own one) I am a bit of a Sinclair computer freak so I am always studying these things. "

Hmmm as this observation was reported from two different sources I am about to think that the keyboard is realy no classification criteria. Any comments? Can anyone confirm a "ZX-80 with thin/thick cases"? Please let me know.

Sinclair ZX-80 Revision 2 Board?
Another question which I could not answer:
"One piece of info about the zx-81 (the black one) has always interested me but nobody could ever answer me. I own about 13 zx-81 and there is always an issue 1 or an issue 3 pcb inside. Never an issue 2 !!! I have asked a lot of people about this but so far nobody can explain me why there is never an issue 2 sold. It just doesn�t exist. Nobody ever saw an issue 2 board. Have you any information ?"

07.09.03 Summer is going to end soon - so more time for HCM updates - perhaps ;)
Fixed the BRG/BGR-Typo - thanks Gilbert!
Some updates in the Trade-List [here].
Some items removed from the Want-List [here].
Talent DPC-200 (MSX)
Talent DPC-310 (MSX2)
Czerweny CZ Spectrum+
Pecos Sistemas
Microdigital TK82-C
Drean Commodore 64
Drean Commodore 64C
Atari PC-2
19.06.03 Some updates in the Trade-List [here].
Grundy New Brain AD
Pravetz 8M
Yamaha YIS503 III (Russia, MSX2)
Exelvision Exeltel
Tandy 64k Colour Computer 2, Modell-Nr. 26-3127B
TRS-80 64k Colour Computer 2, Modell-Nr. 26-3003B
Czerweny CZ 2000 (boxed)
21.04.03 Another small update after a long time ...
Some updates in the Want-List [here].
A lot of updates in the East-European Section [here] (Thanks to: Zoltan Szabo, Igor Stratienko, Catalin Mihaila and Karlo Siljeg).

Czerweny CZ-1000plus (boxed)
Czerweny CZ-Spectrum (boxed)
Drean Commodore C16

News: VTech VZ-100 confirmed!
Jim Collins provides this info: "I used to have a VZ-100 computer. I got it in 1982 in Butler, Pennsylvania USA. I did some work for a guy who owned a shop called Software Corner. Basically it was Ok for learning Basic and that waas about it. I kept it until 1990 and threw it away when I moved. So I guess that I can confirm that it existed. I also had a 16k RAM module for it. The module fit into the back in the center. It hac contacts that always had to be cleaned with a pencil eraser because they would tarnish and not make contact. I think [the difference between VZ-100 and VZ-200] was the amount of internal RAM. The VZ-100 had 8k and the VZ-200 had 16."

Some new pictures:

27.01.03 Some updates in the East-European Section [here].
Comx 35 (Thanks Theo!!!)
04.01.03 some interesting news:

Beocomp ZX-81
Bram Blijleven told me about a strange system that was sold in the netherlands. He owned such a system so it is not vapourware!. Needless to say that the HCM wants a Beocomp :)
Here is what he wrote:
"In 1981 Bang & Olufsen celebrated that they sold their products (TV's and HIFI from Denmark) for over 20 years in The Netherlands and they offered 3 'Jubilee-Items'. One of those was a BEOCOMP ZX-81 Sinclair: 'A remarcable powerfull computer that gives your TV other possibilities' (in those days we could get about 4 or 5 tv-channels!). They also sold the extra's like the memory cartridge and the printer. I made some scans of the 1981 special Newspaper issued by Bang & Olufsen in which the computer is anounced. The only cloning B&O did was to put a sticker on the ZX81 with the name Beocomp... The text is in Dutch of cource. I don't know if you knew about this, and i also do not know if B&O sold the Beocomp in other countries, but it might be a ice piece of information to add to your site."
Brain Trust Joky Joy: CONFIRMED!
I got an email confirming the existence of the Brian Trust Joky Joy:
"I had a Brain Trust Joky Joy machine, and that was in 1984. It had a very simple version of BASIC in ROM, and allows you to load and save programs to cassette. I would love to find out where I can get one again. The machine I had, was extremely buggy. Random characters would show up on screen on occassions. I don't know if it is specific to my unit, or to all of the Joky-Joy line."

TI-99/2, TI-99/5 Prototpyes: CONFIRMED!
From Fabrice Montupet, the webmaster of www.ti99.com (use [this] link if your french is as poor as mine) I got these infos:
"I confirm you the existence of the Texas Instruments Basic Computer 99/2 (known as the TI-99/2) I have a prototype of it. In your "Prototype" page, you can add the TI-99/5. I confirm its existence too: I have this rare bird , maybe it is the rarest prototype computer even made by TI, rarer than the 99/8!!! (which I have too, in an early prototype version) A TI-99 computer is missing in your pages: The TI-99/4QI. This very limited edition 99/4A has a totally redesigned motherboard. Confirmed to exist too (I have one)."
Dragon MSX, Dragon Professional: CONFIRMED!
From Richard, the webmaster of www.dragondata.co.uk confirmed these machines: Dragon MSX & Dragon Professional

30.12.02 New pictures:

17.12.02 Apple House Laser IIc
Electronica CIP
Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k non-rubber keyboard
Didaktik Alfa
New pictures:

07.10.02 V-Tech Creativision MKII
Philips Videopac+ G7400 with Basic-Modul 7420
Philips P2000
Fujitsu FM-X (boxed)
Hitachi MB-H1 (white)
Bandai Gundam RX-78
Sanyo Wavy 2 MPC-2
National FS4000
National CF-2000
Hitachi Basic Master Jr. MB-6885
Yamaha SX100 (white)
National JR200 (japanese version)
Sony HitBit HB-F1XDJ
Sony SMC-777C
17.09.02 some Overview images from 2002 added [here].
Timex Computer TC 2068 (black)
Apple Macintosh Centris 610
Sanyo Wavy 23 (blue)
Mitsubishi ML-G10
01.09.02 HCM > 500
The HCM now has more than 500 different machines in its collecton! Thanks everyone!

25.08.02 New Trade items: Casio PV-2000 (boxed), Spectravideo SV318 (boxed), Hitachi MB-H1E (red), Canon V-8, Apple Macintosh Portable, Compis II, Hewlett Packard 87XM, Luxor ABC-806, Luxor ABC-1600, Yamaha CX5M, Multitech Micro-Professor IB (boxed), Multitech Micro-Professor II (boxed), Tatung Einstein TC01, Soundic Pencil II, Video Technology Laser 210 (boxed)
Camputers Lynx 96
Panasonic FS-A1 MKII (japan)
Luxor ABC-80 (new version)
Research Machines Link 480Z
Multitech Micro-Professor �P MPF-1B (boxed)
Radiola VG5000
ITT 2020
Finlux Dragon 32
VTech Laser Compumate 2
Commodore CBM 3032
Commodore PET 2001-8 (blue)
Metric ABC80
Spectravideo SVI 728 (scandinavian)
Casio MX-10 (boxed, japan)
Apple IIc (french version, boxed)
Sanyo PHC-35J (japan)
Sony SMC-777 (black, japan)
National CF-1200 (japan, boxed))
Yamaha CX7M128 (boxed, japan)
Sony HitBit HB-F1II (boxed, japan)
Tandata TD4000
Sinclair ZX Spectrum (metal case, russia)
Westa IK-31 (russia)
Kvant BK MC 0530 (russia)
Best III (russia)
11.08.02 Update: Czechoslovakia (Didaktik Alfa), Romania (ICE-Felix) [here]
CE-TEC MPC80 (boxed)
Olympic-C (russian speccy clone)
Victor HC-30 (japan)
21.07.02 Updated the icon navigation - there were a lot of items missing e.g. [here]
Lik (sensor keyboard, boxed)
Master (boxed)
Spektr 001 (boxed)
ZX Spectrum 128
Krista (with lightpen)
Acorn 3010 (special edition)
19.07.02 Update of "East-Europe/Romania/CIP-04" (thanks Arkadius) [here]
New and redone pictures:

13.07.02 Update of "East-European Computer" (thanks everyone!) [here]
Some confirmation for "confirmed machines/prototypes" [here]
New pictures:

30.06.02 Orao
Update of "East-European Computer"/"Russia" (thanks Dimitri!) [here]
25.05.02 Update of "East-European Computer" (Romania: mircoTIM & CIP) [here]
Atari TT030
Hector 2HR+
Sony HB-F1
Panasonic FS-A1WSX
Apple Macintosh LC475
Frael Bruc 100
Fenner DPC-200
21.05.02 Update of "East-European Computer" (Czechoslovakia: Tesla PMD & IQ151; Yugoslavia: Orao) [here]
04.05.02 bad weather = some more new pictures ;)

01.05.02 Finally some new pictures ...

27.04.02 Yamaha SX 100 (black, boxed)
Tesla PMD85-1
Tesla PMD85-2
Tesla PMD85-2A
Tesla Ank 1
ZVT PP 01 (brown)
Nov� Bor IQ151
Nov� Bor IQ151/64
24.04.02 Delta (russian speccy clone)
30.03.02 Triton (red)
Triton (white)
26.03.02 Sharp Hot Bit HB-8000 (black)
11.03.02 Hitachi MB-H1E (red)
Sony HitBit HB-F1XD MKII (boxed)
Hitachi MB-H3
Sanyo MPC-1 Wavy1 (red)
Mitsubishi ML-F110 (red)
06.03.02 Nova Eletr�nica NE Z8000
ICE Felix HC-2000
Casio PV-2000 (boxed)
Casio MX-101 (boxed)
23.02.02 Exidy Sorcerer (German-Version)
Overview image 01/2002 added [here].
Update: "Special Thanks" [here].
Update: "Trade" [here] (Prol�gica CP-300, CP-400 Color II, CIP-03)
14.02.02 Sinclair ZX-80 (US-Version)
Microdigital TK3000 IIe
Apple PowerMac 7100/66AV
Apple Performa 630
22.02.02 Happy Birthday HCM! You are now 6 years old and still growing.
Current machine-count is:
HCM Overview 02/2002:
HCM Computer: 451  
Pictures of HCM Computer: 396 88%
Machine Infos: 396  
Size (total): 132 MB  
HTML-Pages (total): 622  
Pictures (total): 2943  
20.01.02 Thanks to K�pes G�bor the BGR ABC-80 could be added to the "Hungary Homecomputer History" [here]
Update of the "Trade List" [here]
Update of the "Want List" [here]
News cleanup
19.01.02 National JR-100
Canon V8 (boxed)
Tomy Tutor TP1000 (japanese version)
Casio PV-7
Hitachi Basic Master Level 3
Microdigital TK83
02.01.02 Huge update of the "HCM - Most Wanted" - right now it is one page only so loading is slow - will change that soon! [here]
03.01.02 Daewoo CPC300 IQ2000 (white)
Daewoo CPC300 IQ2000 (black)
Sony HitBit HB-101 (red, japan)
Toshiba Pasopia IQ HX-10S (red, japan)
Mitsubishi ML-F80
22.12.01 Basis 108 (thanks Ulrich Scharfe)
11.12.01 Acorn Comunicator
Fenner SPC-800
Toshiba HX-51
10.12.01 ICE Felix HC-90
Marathon 32K
04.12.01 Robotron Z1013
02.12.01 Thanks to a lot of very detailed infos from "Tomcat of Greenroom" the Hungarian Computer Page could be updated [here]
29.11.01 Commodore C-64 WebIt (boxed)
27.11.01 Atari 4160STE
Atari 520STE
25.11.01 Open University Hektor II
Overview Picture of 10/2001 [here]
18.11.01 New Page about "Romanian Home Computer" [here]
Some updates on Polish and Soviet Computer Pages [here]
23.10.01 New: "Hot Trade Stuff" like boxed Enterprise 128 and Didaktik M [here]
Another update of "Soviet Computer Page" [here]
02.11.01 cce MC-1000
cce Exato Pro
Gradiente Expert Plus
Gradiente Expert DDPlus (boxed)
20.10.01 Philips Videowriter 4160
04.10.01 Microdigital TK-2000 (boxed)
Prologica CP-300 (large keyboard)
29.09.01 Tesla Ondra (boxed)
Tesla PMD 85-3
25.09.01 NeXT Station Turbo Color
23.09.01 Update of Soviet Computer Page [here], Link-Update
22.09.01 Goldstar FC-200 (boxed, old version)
21.09.01 Overview Picture of 03/2001 and 09/2001 [here], new machines added
13.09.01 Mupid I
11.09.01 NeXT Cube Color
04.09.01 Philips NMS801 (boxed)
25.08.01 Apple Macintosh Classic II
IBM Convertible
IBM PS/2 Model 70/386
07.08.01 Apple IIGS ROM03
04.08.01 NeXT Station Mono
Amstrad Mega-PC 386SX
12.08.01 New Pictures:
11.08.01 New Pictures:
29.06.01 Overview Picture of 05/2001 [here], new machines added
26.07.01 Schneider MC810 (boxed)
Radiola MK180
21.07.01 Amstrad CPC 464 (grey keys)
Commodore CDTV
07.07.01 Philips VideoWriter NMS3040
29.06.01 Soundic Pencil II
22.06.01 Amstrad CPC 664
12.06.01 HCM = 400
The HCM now has 400 different machines in its collection!
08.06.01 Sanyo MPC-64 (boxed)
05.06.01 Sharp MZ-811 (boxed)
04.06.01 Amstrad CPC 472
Amstrad CPC 464
01.06.01 First HCM update after two months. New machines added, East-European-Computer update, news cut short
31.05.01 Partner 01.01
28.05.01 Telecom Computerphone
26.05.01 Spectravideo SVI 318 MKII
Commodore Amiga 1200 HD
Schneider Euro-PC II
21.05.01 JVC HC-7GB
17.05.01 Lvov PC-01
14.05.01 Jupiter Ace 4000 (boxed)
Timex Computer 2048
Ice-Felix HC91
Hector I
03.05.01 CGL M5
Timex Computer 2068 (boxed)
Prologica CP200
26.04.01 Casio PV-16 BK
Sanyo SPC Super
NEC PC-6001
25.04.01 Electronica CIP 03
Elektronika BK-0010-01
Didaktik M 128k
21.04.01 Apple Macintosh 512k ED
07.04.01 Commodore CBM8032-SK
04.04.01 Dynaelektronik Dynael M48A
Kvant BK
30.03.01 Mikrosha
Elektronika BK-0010
Unimor Bosman-8
Elwro 800 Junior
24.03.01 ITT 3030
22.03.01 Olivetti Prodest PC128S
17.03.01 Atari PC-1
14.03.01 Elwro 800-2 Junior
Mera-Elzab Meritum
06.03.01 V-Tech Laser Compact XT (boxed)
14.02.01 The Digital Group (S-100 machine from 1978)
15.02.01 Again: Why is this page in english and not in german?
Because out of last months' 1500 visitors 1162 are from non-german locations!
Apple Powerbook 280
Apple Powerbook 280c
13.02.01 East-European Computer
First edition is now ONLINE! Read more [here]
12.02.01 Olivetti M-10
Epson PX-4
28.01.01 Overview Picture for 01/2001 added.
IQ 8300
20.01.01 Matra Alice 8000
19.01.01 Apple IIGS Upgrade
18.01.01 Amstrad CPC 6128
Grundig PTC-100
Sega SC-3000 (brown, japanese version)
11.01.01 Tandy TRS-80 Color 3 (boxed)
08.01.01 Acorn A3010
Acorn A3020
28.12.00 Overview Picture for 11/2000 added. News-Clean up.
New Story: Sweden III
23.12.00 Elwro 800-3 Junior
Unipolbrit Komputer 2086 (black Sinclair 2068 clone)
Tandy TRS-80 Modell-100
Fixed links to Jaap's Computer-Index and Machine-Room
Added a lot of links to 8-Bit-Museum (MSX, Sinclair, Oric, Tandy, VTech)
New Pictures:
22.12.00 Fixed Opera-JavaScript-Problems for 5 hours - but it still sucks use Opera 5 because I won't work arround the relativ-path bug in Opera 4. But even Opera 5 sometimes does not execute the JavaScript correctly - just press "RELOAD" - sorry but JS & Opera is a total mess and I will not waste my time finding out why.
09.12.00 Robik (Russian Sinclair Clone)
ZX-Spectrum (metal case, Russian Sinclair Clone)
ZX-Spectrum (plastic case, Russian Sinclair Clone)
Elektronika BK-0011M (Russian PDP-11 cpu-clone)
Robotron A5105
Thomson TO9
Tomy Tutor
Merlin Tonto
Texas Instruments TI99/4
Amstrad PC-20
Sharp MZ-80A
Sharp MZ-80B
Luxor ABC-800
11.11.00 VTech Laser 3000 (Apple II Clone)
04.11.00 Laser 700
03.11.00 Bell & Howell (Black Apple II)
Laser 128 (old version)
New Pictures:
31.10.00 Atari Falcon 030
Amiga 500 Tiger-Design
22.10.00 Philips VG-8000
Dick Smith System 80
Atari PC4
Inves Spectrum+
Dragon 200
Hewlett Packard HP 110 Portable Pro
30.09.00 Laser 128EX
Franklin ACE 500
Commodore CD-32
23.09.00 Bit-90
Casio FP-200
Atari Mega ST-1
22.09.00 IBM PCjr
16.09.00 Apple Macintosh II
Apple Macintosh SE/30
Apple Macintosh Performa 475
14.09.00 New pictures:
Microworld Microbee 64, Hobbit Personal Computer, Tano Dragon, Microkey Primo 32, Videoton TV-Computer 64k, Mupid Komfort C2A2,
Tiki 100, Tiki 100 8/16
10.09.00 New pictures:
Apple Macintosh Colour Classic, Apple PowerBook 100, Cambridge Z88, Commodore C-64 (Aldi), Commodore VIC-1001
08.09.00 Toshiba HX-22
Yamaha CX5M/II 128E
New pictures:
Tandy 1000EX, Televerket 100, Thomson TO7,
Thomson TO8, Laser 50, Laser 2001, ZX Spectrum
04.09.00 HCM > 300
The HCM now has more than 300 different machines in its collecton!
02.09.00 Tano Dragon (boxed)
Epson HX-40
26.08.00 Apple PowerBook 100
19.08.00 New overview pictures from May and June 2000 are now [here]
Update of the Trade-Section - now with pictures look [here]
18.08.00 New pictures:
RFT Mikroelektronik KC85/2, Sharp MZ-721, some new boxes...
12.08.00 Apple Macintosh Colour Classic
11.08.00 The HCM will present a small part of the collection at the Classic Computing 2000 on 02.09.2000 - main focus will be: Sinclair and Clones and some rarities. See you there ...
07.08.00 New pictures:
Multitech Micro Professor IP, Multitech Micro Professor III, Coleco Adam, Mattel Intellivison Computer Module, Canon V-20 (french version), Canon X-07, some box-pictures added
29.07.00 Commodore VIC-1001
28.07.00 New pictures:
Philips VG 8230, Radofin Aquarius (boxed)
27.07.00 New pictures:
Sinclair PC-200 (boxed), Microworld Microbee 32, Microworld Microbee 128, ICL One Per Desk
26.07.00 New pictures:
Sanyo PHC-28L (boxed), Philips VG 8010 (black), Amstrad PPC 512, Enterprise 64 (boxed)
23.07.00 Tiki 100
Tiki 100 8/16
Cambridge Z88
04.07.00 New pictures:
VideoBrain FamilyComputer, Tatung Einstein TC-01, Yamaha AX-150
27.06.00 Hobbit Personal Computer
15.06.00 Microbee II-64
Microkey Primo 32
Videoton TV-Computer 64k
Komfort Mupid C2A2
05.06.00 Yamaha AX-150 (Arabic MSX)
01.06.00 Laser 50 (boxed)
Laser 2001
MO5 Platini (boxed)
Sinclair PC-200 (boxed)
Enterprise 64 (boxed)
Coleco Adam (boxed)
Canon V-20, (MSX, French Version, boxed)
ZX-Spectrum (boxed)
ZX-Spectrum+ (boxed)
Dragon 32 (boxed)
Sanyo PHC-28L (boxed)
Microbee II-32
Microbee II-128
Texas Instruments Compact Computer 40 (boxed)
Multitech Microprofessor MPF-1b (boxed)
Thomson TO7 (old, boxed)
Thomson TO7
Thomson TO8 (boxed)
Thomson MO5-2 (boxed)
Radofin Aquarius (boxed)
EACA Colour Genie (boxed)
VideoBrain (boxed)
Sharp MZ-721
Tandy 1000 EX
Televerket 100
Amstrad NC-100 (boxed)
Canon X-07
Philips VG-8010 (MSX, black, French Version)
28.05.00 Tatung Einstein TC01
ICL One Per Desk
20.05.00 RFT KC85/2
13.05.00 Intellivision Computer Module (Boxed, Thanks Stefan)
01.05.00 HCM FAQ: the frequently asked questions about the HCM. Read this if you want to know if you can use HCM-Pictures on your web-site! For details click [here]
Update of Want- & Trade-Lists
Amstrad PPC 512
29.04.00 New pictures:
Yashica YC-64, Mitsubishi ML-FX1, Phonola NMS 8245, ZX Spectrum, Hobbit, Microdigital TK95, Prol�gica CP-200S, Didaktik Gamma, Didaktik Gamma, Composite, Didaktik Kompakt, Didaktik-M, EACA Genie II, Prol�gica CP-300, Prol�gica CP-400 II, Commodore C-128DCR, Commodore PC-20 III, Commodore PC-30 III, Commodore PC-45 III, Acorn Archimedes A310, Atari PC3, MemoTech MTX500, Olivetti Prodest PC-128
26.04.00 Overview 2000 The first overview pictures for y2k were added.
For details click [here]
EACA Genie II EG3008
Prol�gica CP-200S
Prol�gica CP-300
Prol�gica CP-400 Color II
Microdigital TK95
25.04.00 Multitech MPF III (Apple Clone)
Sharp MZ-80A
24.04.00 ??? (Spectrum Clone)
golden ZX Spectrum (Spectrum Clone)
18.04.00 Commodore PC-20 III
Mitsubishi ML-FX1
Didaktik Kompakt
Didaktik Gamma 89
Robotron Z9001
10.04.00 Memotech MTX500
Commodore PC-30 III
06.04.00 Yashica YC-64 (boxed)
03.04.00 Hobbit (Russian Spectrum Clone)
Atari PC3
30.03.00 Didaktik-M
Didaktik Gamma
27.03.00 Acorn A310
New pictures:
Commodore PC-10 II, Tatung Einstein 256
20.03.00 Olivetti Prodest PC128
Phonola NMS 8245 (MSX2)
Composite (Russian Spectrum Clone)
New pictures:
Commodore Amiga 500 Design Edition, Commodore MAX Machine
13.03.00 Commodore MAX Machine
Commodore PC-10 II
new Apple LISA stuff
09.03.00 Fixed the broken links to "Secret Weapons of Commodore" ...
07.03.00 New pictures:
Acorn BBC Master Compact, Acorn BBC Master Compact (Prototype), Amstrad CPC464+, Atari 1040 STE, Commodore Amiga 500Plus, EACA Genie I, Microdigital TK85, Peters MC64, Spektr 48, ZX Spectrum, VTech Laser 200
02.03.00 Tatung Einstein 256
Commodore Amiga 500 (Special Edition)
26.02.00 Peters MC 64 (Russian Sinclair Spectrum Clone)
Spectrum ZX (Russian Sinclair Spectrum Clone)
Commodore Amiga 500+
19.02.00 Atari 1040 STE
17.02.00 Acorn BBC Master Compact (Prototype)
Acorn BBC Master Compact


The HCM is now 4 years old and still growing. Have a look at the anniversary statistic above!
14.02.00 Some new manuals.
11.02.00 Amstrad CPC464+
25.01.00 Some new pictures and manuals. Some more links to the 8Bit-Museum (Dragon, EACA, Enterprise, Exidy, Jupiter, Luxor, Mattel)
18.01.00 Some new box pictures in the Machine-Picture area and new Commodore links to the 8Bit-Museum.
13.01.00 Laser 200
New manual scans in the Machine-Picture area:
Acorn Electron , Apple II, Apple Macintosh IICX, EACA Video Genie I EG3003, Mattel Aquarius, MGT Sam Coupe, Tandy TRS-80 , Tandy TRS-80 Color
Lots of links to 8Bit-Museum with great pictures of mainboards and some company history (in German) for Acorn, Amstrad and Apple!
06.01.00 Microdigital TK85 (brazilian Sinclair Spectrum Clone)
31.12.99 Spektr 48 (russian Sinclair Spectrum Clone)
New images in the Machine-Picture area!
Acorn Atom, Acorn A3000, Apple II GS (Woz-Edition), Unitron U2200, Texas Instruments 99/4A , al Alamiah AX170, Sony HitBit HB-201P (black), Sever-48/002, Prologica CP400, Laser 110,
29.12.99 overview picture of december 1999 was added.
25.12.99 performance tunig:with a better JPG compression the size of the icons could be reduced from 8k to 2k.
Added some pictures and a few more trade items to Trade-List.
22.12.99 fixed some color problems in the machine picture area.
21.12.99 Acorn BBC A3000
Cebep-48/002 (russian Sinclair Spectrum Clone)
20.12.99 Some minor changes in Want-List and Links. Added some more trade items (now 43) to Trade-List.
13.12.99 al Alamiah AX170
Acorn Atom
Sony HitBit HB-201 (black)
VTech Laser 110
05.12.99 "HCM goes 3D" - after some weeks of testing different ways of taking 3D-Pictures, scanning the images and finding appropriate viewing devices finally most of the problems are solved! So [here] are the first results. BTW: this is the first time you can see Home-Computer in true 3D on the internet.
04.12.99 Last cleanup of the Machine-Picture area. Added some pictures and links that were lost.
Apple LISA 2/10, Atari 800 XL, Atari 1040 STFM, Atari MEGA ST-2, Myarc Geneve 9640, Texas Instruments 99/4A (boxed, cream), Yeno SC-3000, Osborne 1, Philips P2000C, Texas Instruments CC 40, Lambda 8300, Tandy TRS-80 (with num. key)
29.11.99 Finally the Machine-Picture area is ready! The Apple section is now online. There are still some pictures missing - simply forgot to take these pictures.
17.11.99 If you want to reference a HCM page in the Machine-Picture area there are two ways:
e.g. "Commodore" -> http://www.homecomputer.de/pages/f_commodore.html
To determin the URL of the Machine-Family you want to refer to, just select the corresponding menue - the correct URL is displayed in the browser.
Single machine
e.g. "Toshiba HX-10" -> http://www.homecomputer.de/

Getting the correct URL is a little bit more tricky - first select the Machine-Family from the HCM Menue (see above). Then search for the machine you want to refer to and RIGHT-Click on the Icon and select "Open in new Window". Although the page is not displayed correctly you will be able to CRTL-C the name of the HTML-Page (here: Toshiba_HX-10.html). Now take the URL of the Machine-Family (here: http://www.HomeComputer.de/pages/f_msx.html) and add the name of the HTML-Page, separated by a question mark, to it. so you will get "..../pages/f_msx.html?Toshiba_HX-10.html".
16.11.99 New images in the Machine-Picture area!
Atari ATW 800, Commodore CBM 2001-32, Commodore Amiga 600, Commodore Amiga 1200, Camputers Lynx, Sega SC-3000, Sega SC-3000H, Siemens PC-100 (AIM65), Sord M5, Triumph Adler Alphatronic PC
13.11.99 New images in the Machine-Picture area!
Commodore and Atari sections are now online.
10.11.99 Moved some old "News" to "History"
HCM Overview:
HCM Computer: 212  
Pictures of HCM Computer: 162 76%
Machine Infos: 118  
Size (total): 75.3 MB  
HTML-Pages (total): 265  
Pictures (total): 1130  
04.11.99 Prologica CP-400 (TRS-80 clone)
02.11.99 New images in the Machine-Picture area!
Sharp MZ800, Sharp MZ700, Sharp PC-3201HN, Schneider Euro PC.html, Schneider CPC46, Schneider CPC664, Schneider CPC 6128, Amstrad CPC 6128+
26.10.99 Some Bugfixes and Updates.
HCM-Intern: History, Thanks & HCM-Extern: Lists
23.10.99 Added the August and September 1999 overview Pictures.
Have a look at it [here].
16.10.99 Commodore Amiga 1200
Commodore Amiga 600
11.10.99 Finally 95% of the machine data is there. Just some very uncommon machines still have to be described.
28.09.99 New images in the Machine-Picture area!
Amstrad NC100, Dragon 32, Dragon 64, EACA Video Genie I EG3003, Enterprise 128, Exelvision EXL-100, Exidy Sorcerer, Grundy NewBrain, Indata DAI, Lambda 8300, Matra Hachette Alice, Mattel Aquarius, Multitech Micro Professor II, Oric-1, Oric Atmos, Oric Telestrat, Philips P2000T, Philips VG5000, Robotron KC87, Robotron KC85/3, Robotron KC85/4,
20.09.99 New images in the Machine-Picture area!
Panasonic FS-A1 (MSX2), Spectravideo SVI 738, Yamaha YIS-503F, Microdigital TK 90X, Salora Fellow , Panasonic JR-200U, Victor Lambda IIHR, MemoTech MTX512
10.09.99 Major Update of the MSX Section.
Thanks to Manuel Bilderbeek and Antoni Burguera.
New images in the Machine-Picture area! Thomson pictures are now online. Have a look at it [here].
07.09.99 New images in the Machine-Picture area! Spectravideo pictures are now online. Have a look at it [here].
Epson PX-8
26.08.99 New images in the Machine-Picture area! Sinclair and VTech pictures are now online. Have a look at it [here].
The Image PopUp Java-Script was modified (thanks to Ray Stott) . If you have any problems please tell me.
20.08.99 The Machine-Picture area is the first part of the HCM that makes heavy use of Java-Script V1.1 - it is tested with Netscape 4.5, Netscape 4.61, IE 4.01, IE 5.0 and Opera 3.6 - if you have any problems please tell me.
19.08.99 The Machine-Picture section now has a completely new layout.
Have a look at it [here].
17.08.99 Panasonic FS-A1 (MSX-2)
Microdigital TK-90x
Spectravideo SVI-738 (MSX2)
Salora Fellow (Boxed)
26.07.99 The HCM has a new WWW-Server-Home.
The old IP will get invalid really soon now so use http://www.HomeComputer.de. Our primary email addresses are now Kerstin AT HomeComputer PUNKTde and Stefan AT HomeComputer PUNKT de
22.07.99 Holidays are over! Added the June 1999 overview Picture.
Have a look at it [here].
26.06.99 Komtek I
Philips P2000T
23.06.99 Added a Java Slide-Show instead of the static picture on the news page. If loading times are too bad or you find any other problems please tell me!
21.06.99 Another Update of the "Machine Picture"-Section.
News pictures are:
Dick Smith VZ-200, Enterprise 64 (arabic version), Epson HX-20, Matra Alice 90, Sanyo PHC-25, Sanyo PHC-28S, Sharp MZ-2500, Sony HitBit HB-10D, Spectravideo SVI 318, Timex Sinclair 1500, Timex Sinclair 2068. For details click [here].
15.06.99 Update of the "Machine Picture"-Section.
For details click [here].
09.06.99 Apple Macintosh SE 1/20
07.06.99 Olivetti Prodest PC-1
Grundy NewBrain
Amstrad CPC6128+
06.06.99 Some new machine pictures were finally ready. Now I have to update the "Machine-Picture" section - in the meantime I put some "sneak-preview" pictures on the News-Page.
31.05.99 New overview picture of 05.99 is now [here].
16.05.99 Navigation is now scrollable. Due to bad loading times and missing pictures the "Overview Picture"-Section was revised.
For details click [here].
15.05.99 NEC PC-8300 (Siemens Nixdorf)
06.05.99 Opening of the HCM Exhibition.
Now you can take a look at the "real" HCM. Even some drawers are open to the public :-) Click [here] and [here]
04.05.99 Found some old versions of the HCM pages ...
[1996], [1997], [1998], [1999]
29.04.99 The new Design of the HCM pages is now ready!
27.04.99 Finally www.HomeComputer.de is back again.
Sorry for the long dealy.
24.04.99 Mitsubishi ML-G30 (MSX2)
17.04.99 Arcon BBC Master
Thomson MO5E
Panasonic JR-200U
29.03.99 WARNING: the DNS-Entry for "www.HomeComputer.de" was lost. Please use for the moment.
18.03.99 Pecom 64
13.03.99 TI Compact Computer 40
04.03.99 Sony Hit Bit HB-501
27.02.99 A new HCM Logo was designed by "Zotti" - you might want to have a look at his great pages about collecting old toasters. For a little sneak-preview of the logo click here.
20.02.99 Sony HitBit HB-201P
Panasonic CF2700
Philips NMS8220
17.02.99 Atari Mega STE
13.02.99 Old entries in the "What's new?" section were moved to "History".
For details click here
01.01.99 New year new design? - well its more difficult than I thought ...

List of machine acquisition:

20.02.99 Sony HitBit HB-201P
Panasonic CF2700
Philips NMS8220
17.02.99 Atari Mega STE
30.11.98 Indata DAI
29.11.98 Spectravideo SVI318
Sinclair Spectrum +3
Canon V10 (MSX)
MGT Sam Coupe
Multitech Micro Professor II
Timex Sinclair 1500
Epson HX-20
Lucas Nascom 3
Luxor ABC 80
Enterprise 64
29.10.98 Yeno MX64 (MSX)
Victor Lambda IIHR
Sanyo PHC28S (MSX)
16.10.98 Yeno SC-3000
Hanimex Pencil II
12.10.98 Apple II
10.09.98 2x Philips VG8020
Philips VG8230
Philips VG8245
29.08.98 Eurocon (Apple II Platinum-Clone)
26.08.98 Apple IIC LC-Display
20.08.98 Tandy Color Computer 2
18.08.98 Salora Manager (Laser 2001)
29.07.98 Gradiente Expert (MSX2)
Sharp HotBit
20.07.98 Panasonic FS-A1ST (Turbo-R)
Panasonic FS-A1FX (MSX2+)
Sharp MZ-2500
16.07.98 Sinclair ZX-80
13.07.98 Timex Sinclair 2068
09.07.98 Thomson MO5 Platini
Sanyo PHC-25
Alice 90
29.06.98 Microdigital TK3000 //e
17.06.98 Thomson MO5
12.06.98 Mattel Aquarius II
Exidy Sorcerer
Sega SC-3000
Dick Smith VZ200 (boxed)
Dick Smith VZ300
Tandy MC-10 (boxed)
28.05.98 Spectravideo SVI328
Spectravideo SVI328 MKII (2x)
18.05.98 Atari 1200 (Prototype)
09.05.98 Laser 310
08.05.98 Thomson MO6
25.04.98 VC-20 with 1020
Sony HB-F700D
Sony Hit Bit HB-F9P
Mitsubishi ML-F48
20.04.98 Schneider EuroPC
11.04.98 Commodore PET 2001-32
08.04.98 Sinclair Spectrum +2
07.04.98 Matra Hachette Alice
Thompson MO5
Philips VG5000
03.04.98 Camputers Lynx
21.03.98 Commodore Amiga 500
19.03.98 Sinclair Spectrum +2A
18.03.98 Mac Portable M5120 (Backlight)
21.01.98 Sharp MZ-800
20.01.98 Sinclair Spectrum+ 128
13.01.98 TRS-80, TRS-80 Color, TRS-80 Color 16k
11.01.98 Atari 520ST
29.12.97 Apple III
13.12.97 Philips NMS 8245
Laser 128 (Apple IIc-clone)
20.11.97 Enterprise 128
14.11.97 Thomson TO8D
Exelvision EXL 100
04.11.97 Apple III+
25.10.97 Canon V20 (MSX)
Philips VG8020 (MSX)
Toshiba HX-10 (MSX)
Sanyo MPC-100 (MSX)
18.10.97 Commodore C610
11.10.97 Spectravideo Superexpander SVI-605
Sord M5
Sega SC-3000H
Goldstar FC-200 (MSX)
Mattel Aquarius
Sharp PC-3201HN
MemoTech MTX512
Luxor ABC806
Atari 400
Atari 130XE
Dragon 32
02.10.97 Mattel Aquarius with Miniexpander
01.10.97 Philips VG8235 (MSX2)
27.09.97 HP-59 with P200
19.09.97 Sony HitBit HB55
19.09.97 Tandy TRS-80 Color
13.09.97 Mac Plus
10.09.97 MB Vectrex (thanks again Stefan)
30.08.97 MB Vectrex (thanks Stefan)
27.08.97 Commodore Amiga 2000
23.08.97 Commodore C64 Game-System
10.08.97 VC-20 with VIC-1020 Expansion Unit
08.08.97 Laser 210 with 64kB
01.08.97 Thomson TO7/70, Oric Atmos
26.07.97 Atari 800 with 810
26.07.97 Robotron KC87
Robotron KC85/3
Robotron 1715
23.07.97 Lambda 8300
15.07.97 Atari ST Book
04.07.97 Commodore C65 Prototype
25.06.97 Siemens PC-100 = AIM65
10.06.97 EACA Colour Genie EG2000 (CoCo-Clone)
09.06.97 Philips P2000C Portabe CP/M
06.06.97 2x Commodore C116
Commodore C16
Commodore plus4
Philips ES2203
21.05.97 Commodore C900 Prototype
29.04.97 Atari ATW800
Amiga 1000
28.04.97 Tandy TRS-80 Modell I
24.04.97 Halikan LX20 with HardDisk
13.04.97 Commodore 128 without PS
23.03.97 Commodore 128D
09.03.97 Commodore PET 2001-32 (large keyboard)
08.03.97 Commodore VC-20, VC1020, Cardridges
03.03.97 Sharp MZ700, paper