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by: Kerstin & Stefan Walgenbach
Most Wanted:
al Alamiah AX330

Aircomp 16

Robotron KC Compact

Macintosh 128k
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items: [here]
Hot Trade Items:
Arabic 65XE

Casio MX-101

CCE MC-1000

CCE MC-1000
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items: [here]
Attention: All items on the trade list are for sale.
07.10.07 Finaly another update after a long time - unfortunatly again only with new items and without all other overdue updates. new items (9):
Atari Stacy2
CompuColor II
Philips Videopac G7200
Philips Videopac N60
Pioneer PX-V60
Santaka 002
Vector 06c

new pictures (38):

05.04.07 some new HCM items (9):
Basic 2000
Intel SDK-86 (single board dystem)
Kvant 001 (russia)
Sanyo PHC-20
Sanyo PHC-SPC (japan, red)
Beocomp (Sinclair ZX-81)
Sony HB-F900 (japan)
Vector 06c.02 (russia)
ZX Spectrum Clone (russia, grey, plastic)

new pictures (40):

30.08.06 New HCM items online! most important acquisitions:

  • From Detlev Ponnet some items very closly related to the history of ATARI could be acquired:
    • Atari Lisa: The very Lisa where large parts of Ataris GEM were developed! The machine was used at the Atari Engineering HQ!
    • Atati TT: The very Atari TT where parts of the Atari-Unix (ASV) were developed! The harddisk is said to contain a working copy of ASV!
    Placing these machines into operation will certainly be a very interesting research project! Presumably there will be a special page for this topic.
  • Detlev Ponnet also added another totally unkown Blaupunkt Apple II-Prototyp to the HCM! Once again: Thanks a lot!
  • There are some verty interesting additions to the arabic section of the HCM. Amongst other things three totaly unkown items: al Alamiha AX-660, Fatiha 100 and a RED al Alamiha AX-230!
  • Stefan Schulz donated an nice expanded Amiga 3000 - a very early machine with serial number 213! Also to him: Thanks a lot!
  • Updated Trade-List [here], items removed from Want-List [here].
  • New overview pictures: 2006
new items (48):

Acorn BBC Master Compact (arabic)
al Alamiah AX-660 (arabic)
al Alamiah AX-230 (red, arabic)
Apple II jplus (japan)
Apple Lisa2/5 (Atari-Development)
Apple Macintosh 512k
Apple Macintosh Classic
Apple Macintosh LC II
Apple Macintosh Performa 450
Apple Macintosh Plus (old version)
Apple Macintosh Quadra 950
Atari 800XL (arabic)
Atari TT030 (US, Atari-Development)
Blaupunkt PC-33 (Prototype)
Byte (black, russia)
Byte (red, moldavia)
Casio MX-10 (red, japan)
Casio PV-7 (red, japan)
Commodore Amiga 3000
Fatiah 100 (arabic)
Fujitsu FM Towns II UX20 (japan)
Interact Computer
Leningrad-1 (russia)
National CF-3000 (japan)
Panasonic CF-1300 (red, japan)
Perfect-1 (arabic)
Perfect-2 (arabic)
Pioneer PX-7BK Palcom
Prologica CP-500 M80 (brazil)
Robotron EC1834
Sanyo MPC-10 MKII (japan)
Sharp MZ-2000 (japan)
Sinclair Spectrum +3 (arabic)
Sinclair ZX-Spectrum (grey plastic, russia)
Sony HB-10 (grey, boxed, japan)
Sony HB-11 (blue, boxed, japan)
Sony HB-11 (red, boxed, japan)
Sony HB-55 (red, japan)
Sord M5 (japan)
Spectravideo SVI-738 (arabic)
Tandy 1000HX
Toshiba HX-10D (japan)
Unitron AP-II (brazil)
Yeno SC-3000H (japan)
ZX Spectrum (black plastic, russia)
ZX Spectrum Sinclair (black plastic, russia)

new pictures (179):

The HomeComputer-Museum is now 10 years old!

Major 10th-Birthday-Update:

  • The HCM was able to aquire a large part of Dimitri Kokken's collection. This great fellow unfortunatly stopped collecting and so quite a lot of east-european and japanese computers could be added to the HCM collection.
  • Added a lot of new East-European infos [here]
  • Updated Trade-List [here], items removed from Want-List [here].
  • New high resolution overview picture (now with flashbased Zoom viewer): 2006
  • "Goodby" picture: the HCM showroom had to change its location. The very last picture of the "old showroom" is here

If you want a larger version of the overview: click here.

new items (129):

al Alamiah AX100
al Alamiah AX200
al Alamiah AX230
al Alamiah AX350
al Alamiah AX500
Apogey BK-01Z
PowerBook 5300CS (Thanks Olli!)
Canon V-25
Casio MX-15
Commodore C64 australian
Commodore Plus4 canadian
Daewoo DPC-200 AVT
Dick Smith Wizzard
Digitus DGT-1000
Dubna 48K
ECICO Aquarius
Electronica CIP-03 blue
Electronica CIP-04
Elektronika MC-1502
Elektronika BK-0010 (new version)
Forum BK-05
Franklin ACE-100
Franklin ACE-1000
Franklin ACE-1200Plus
Fujitsu FM-7
Fujitsu FM-NEW7
Hitachi MB-H2
Hitachi MB-H21
Hitachi MB-H25
Hitachi MB-H50
ICE-Felix HC-85
ICE-Felix HC-91 40key
JET blue
JET white
Kawai KMC-5000
Kronos Aquarius
Lik typewriter
Microkey Primo A64 red
Micronique Hector I bronze
Micronique Victor Lambda (mini keyboard)
Microtim+ (early version)
Microworld MicroBee 128k Premium
Microworld MicroBee 256TC
Mitsubishi ML-8000
Mitsubishi ML-F110 darkred
Mitsubishi ML-F120
Mitsubishi ML-F120D
Mitsubishi ML-FX2
Mitsubishi ML-TS2
Mitsubishi ML-TS2H
Mitsubishi Multi8
National CF-2700
National FS-1300
National FS-4500
National FS-4600F
NEC PC-6601
NEC PC-8001
Panasonic FS-A1 (red, japan)
Panasonic FS-A1FM
Philips VG-8020 black
Pravetz 82
Pravetz 8A
Pravetz 8C
Ritas Ringo R-470
Sanyo MPC-3
Sanyo MPC-5
Sanyo MPC-6
Sanyo MPC-10
Sanyo PHC-27
Sanyo PHC-30
Sanyo PHC-30N
Sanyo PHC-33
Sanyo PHC-70FD
Schneider VG-5000
Sega SC-1000
Sharp X1 CZ-801C
Sharp X1 CZ-804CR
Sinclair ZX-81 Kit
Sony HB-101 black
Sony HB-101 grey
Sony HB-10 red
Sony HB-20P
Sony HB-501P
Sony HB-F1 red
Sony HB-F1XV
Sony HB-F5
Sony HB-F9S
Sony HB-T7
Takara M5
TDP System-100
Teo Tiger 2000
Thomson TO9+
Toshiba HX-20
Toshiba HX-21
Toshiba HX-23F
Toshiba HX-30
Toshiba HX-32
Toshiba HX-51
Toshiba Pasopia-7 PA7007
Toshiba Pasopia PA7010
Victor HC-30RD
Victor HC-6
Victor HC-60
Victor HC-7
Victor HC-80
Yamaha CX11
Yamaha CX5
Yamaha CX5F
Yamaha YIS503 II
Yamaha YIS503 III KUVT
Yamaha YIS604-128
Yeno DPC-64

new pictures (452):

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